Sunday, September 17, 2006

Arwen Farewell Dress: Full Length

Here's a full-length shot--the sleeves are just pinned on for now, and the sash is just a headband I had, since I don't have the fabric for that yet. I just wanted to see how it was coming together--all that's left on it is hemming (it's got this great train out the back), attaching the yoke/rolled collar, and attaching the sleeves. Oh, and I have to find little silver knot buttons for the front and make the sash. The underdress, as I mentioned, is going to be cut along the same lines, but will have a boat neckline and will lace up the back. I'll be using the leftover lavendar material to make some embroidered arm bands and a belt to dress it up when it's worn without the "elven overdress." The new owner will really be getting two dresses in one!

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